Saturday, December 8, 2012

All Because of a Plate

Picture a gal walking into HomeGoods one September morning.  As she passes through the automatic doors, she is greeted (by name) with a comment she hears all-too-often, which is "weren't you just here YESterday?!"

Laughing (and, okay, *slightly* embarrassed), she buckles her purse into the child safety belt in her cart and goes on her way ... starting on the left aisle, as she always does.  As she turns the corner of aisle 3, she notices splashes of Christmas decor has been added!  Her eyes, caked with Benefits macara, get bigger and bigger as she spies beautiful holiday plates.  It is then that she sees this gorgeous one: 

She knows that she MUST add it into her holiday decor.  Her heart races as she comes up with a plan ... right there in the middle of the aisle.  Nevermind the fact that older, respectful women are trying to get around her ... this gal is on a mission to make this plate work!

So, here's what she did ... she decorated their sitting room in reds, white and greys ... all because of this plate (and its twin): 

Because of this plate, she bought beautiful new fabric for the window:

Because of this plate, she had to buy a companion plate to place on the sofa table in front of the window, with a red feather tree and ornaments offering to be holiday company to it:

Because of this plate, she had to dress the tree in matching colors:

Never having done a tree in reds, silvers and whites:

with a few of these cute fellas finding their way on there, too:

And, of course, a wild and crazy topper sealed the deal.

Because of this plate, leftover ornaments made their way over to the bookcase ...

and, Miss Reindeer got a silvery, blingy collar (with a little help from rhinestone "ribbon" from Michael's):

Because of this plate, the robin's egg blue accent chest was traded out for a mirrored chest, with festive subway art (from HomeGoods) and more leftover ornaments being added on top:

"Do you see what I seeeee?": 


Because of this plate, I ... I mean "she" is truly enjoying her holiday sitting room, dressed in reds, whites and greys. 

So, tell me, have you ever changed your entire decorating plans ... all because of a plate? 

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