Tuesday, December 11, 2012

We Wish You a Merry Christ"Mesh"

Yes, indeedy ... the mesh has taken over the our front alcove.  And, it's all my husband's fault!

You see, in our house ... we have a rule.  The inside of the house is mine, and the outside of the house is his (well, actually, that's really mine, too, but I just let him *think* that it's his, lol).

Every year, when one more box of net lights is purchased ... *one* more spiral tree is added, and reindeers with moving heads arrive, there's my husband, with a big grin on his face.  He loves Christmas!  And, when he told me that he wanted to add garland above the door and for me to "make it pretty" (*while waving his hands in circles*), I knew I had my marching orders.  So, here's what I did:

Our mesh wreath isn't alone this year:

Once my husband added the garland above the door, I added matching red mesh, striped mesh and various ornaments: 

I couldn't stop there, so I went ahead and doused our plain topiaries with mesh and ornaments, as well:

While I'm always fearful to get too close to all of it, as I just *know* a family of lizards is going to jump out at me, I'm really enjoying it (and actually looking forward to adding MANY more ornaments next year)!  Plus, okay, it doesn't look too bad all lit up at night:

While we're out here ... you can see how I spared the wreaths on our windows from the mesh and only added an oversized, classic red bows:

Remember the reindeers with the moving heads? 

Of course, it *never* snows here, BUT, according to PicMonkey, it's snowing here right this minute!  Yay ... Merry Christ*Mesh!*

Thanks for visiting!  I'm off to play here:

On Sutton Place/Homespun Christmas Party - Doors and Wreaths
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