Friday, March 1, 2013

Our Master Bath's New Look!

I *say* new, even though this was done quite awhile ago ... my absent-minded self just forgot to share it with you!  Oops.

Anywaaaay ... *some* of you may remember when my husband and neighbor removed this "lone" cabinet in our kitchen so that I could replace it with shelves that I made (which, I'm happy to report still haven't come crashing down ... yet, lol):

Well, here we are ... almost two years later, and I can't believe I never showed you where we placed the cabinet after removing it from the kitchen!  

Here it is!  It's now in our master bath, being used as our linen cabinet!

Do you recognize the cabinet below it?  It *used* to look like this in our sitting room:

That was ... until my paint brush soaked with Annie Sloane's Old White, along with Duck Egg (followed by dark wax) attacked it!

It's the perfect little chest to go under the cabinets and serves as a great spot to display my perfumes:

And, before I show you the other changes in this space, let's have a gander at what this room looked like after we first moved in 6 years ago, shall we?  Well, *hellerrr* reds, golds and greens!

I loved that color combo for years!  THEN, as my tastes were starting to migrate towards blues and browns, I changed it to THIS (by adding two mirrors in place of the large one ... and adding a fun vinyl art, along with new lights and fun rug).  The blue chest is now in the sitting room:

Then, THIS latest change happened ... besides adding the kitchen cabinet, I also painted the mirrors to match the newly painted accent chest.  I also painted the vanity lights AND, I painted the cabinets Annie Sloane's Old White.  We also just recently had the room painted BM's White Sand to match our master bedroom:

It's so much lighter and brighter in here now that the cabinets are painted ... I love it (so do my faux hydrangeas ... just *look* at how they are blooming, wow)!

I kept the wall art in between the newly painted mirrors, which I made by simply wrapping leftover fabric (from the shower curtain and window valance) around inexpensive canvases I bought at Michael's:   

I added a cute, fun rug that I recently spotted at where else(??) ... Home Goods:

Our 2x2 shower area remains the same since its last makeover.  Although, I did recently find these great, striped towels from HomeGoods that seem to match the fabric really well! 

The garden tub has new art above it,

along with a cute shelf from Home Goods:

I have a couple more things that I'd like to do in here, which I hope to share soon!

Just for fun ... let's look one more time at what my taste was a few years ago:

And, what it is now:

Wow, what a difference a few years can make!  LOL

Thanks so much for stopping by ... have a fabulous weekend!

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