Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Out with the Old (and Broken)!

So, when the glass from our our oh-so-lovely flush mount "boobie" light (I'm sorry ... but, you *know* the kind I'm talking about, lol) came crashing down the other night and scared our poor babysitter to death, I knew that it was time to replace it (especially because this was the second time this had happened).

This was all that was left Saturday morning:

I had been spying this little cutie from Lowe's and, with only one left on the shelf, I knew it had to come home with us!

Thanks to our neighbor, a retired electrician, it's now adding a bit of whimsy to our mudroom!  Isn't it fun?

I love the black elements in it because it ties in so well with ... the wall art I recently scored at Home Goods, 

the new vinyl "Simply Said" design I created (and my sweet friend, Kim ordered for me):

annnnd, our family gallery wall, which hasn't changed, except for ...

this sweet vinyl that my great friend, Cindy, gave me for Christmas.  Instead of placing it on the wall, I mounted it on the glass of a frame I wasn't using ... I think it makes a great centerpiece:

So, sufficed to say, I think our new addition is fitting in well in our mudroom!  Now, let's just hope *this* one doesn't come crashing down, too!  Eek!

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