Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Do You Have Rules ...

Greetings, friends!

By now, I hope all of you are starting to see true signs of Spring!  We've been enjoying a bit warmer weather (except for today), and I think hope *pray* the pollen is just about gone!  And, while I should be playing outside ... I find myself INside, *tinkering* with another little vignette ... this time, on our sofa table.

Let me just say that I truly admire all of you who can crank up the tunes and throw a vignette together without a care in the world!  My crazy mind doesn't usually allow that to happen because of my *OCD self-inflicted decorating rules!*

You see ... when I start on a vignette, usually I have to start with the center of my vignette and work my way out because, if I don't, *bad* things will happen!  Because of that rule, this little guy got to stay: 

To balance the height and colors of the ship, I then brought in a lantern from the porch:

And, because a large meteor would strike if I didn't add another coastal element to tie in with the ship, I then placed a battery operated candle inside the lantern and wrapped it with nautical rope (that they now sell at Michael's ... perfect length, too)!

Then, to keep with the feeling of Spring, I added not one, but TWO of my IKEA faux plants side by side ... while they're both in cute urns from Michael's, I placed one on top of a candle holder to give it a bit of height over its twin:

That's when I reminded myself of my *self-inflicted decorating rule* number 10,289 ... that if I have something on one side, I HAVE to have something similar, if not the same, on the other side because, if I don't, I won't be able to sleep!  Thankfully, I had another plant from IKEA on hand ... I placed this one on a little dessert stand:

And, then as a finishing touch (you know, because I *have* to have a finishing touch), I added this little sign in front of the boat:

All together, it looks like this:

And, as I look at it, I realize that the lantern needs to be higher to balance better with the lamp ... seeee ... here comes the OCD again!

Once I fix that AND find a perfectly narrow basket or trunk to go under the table, I'll be done ... for the moment, anyway:

ONE of these days, I'm going to throw caution to the wind and not care about symmetry, balance OR my decorating rules!  Wanna take a bet how long that will last?  LOL

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