Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Time for a Small Change ...

Greetings, friends.  

So, tell me ... when you're ready to create a new vignette, where do you go for inspiration?  Do you go visit your favorite blogs ... logon to Pinterest ... pick up your favorite magazine and thumb through the pages ... or, just play, play, play until you get it semi-right?  If you're like me, you'll probably say "all of the above!"  

Such is the case with the new, simple vignette I created on the counter in our kitchen.  If you've logged on to Pinterest even just *one* time, you've probably seen this absolutely amazing image from Heather Bullard's fabulous kitchen (source: http://heatherbullard.com/2012/03/kitchen-corner-shelf/):

I love everything about it ... the brightness ... pops of color AND the fact that there are already a few common elements between hers and mine, such as the bead board backsplash and white, wooden shelves.  I love the vignette she created in her beautiful woven basket ... I knew I wanted to do something similar:

I started with a pretty woven basket I had on hand (from Home Goods):

And, while I wish I had Heather's awesome collection of bread and cutting boards to layer in the back, um, I don't.  So, the ones I had on hand will have to do ... for now, anyway:  

I then added a couple of coffee cups with a pretty beaded detail ...

along with a few matching dishes, including these pretty bowls (all from Tuesday Morning).  And, like in my inspiration picture, I just *had* to add a few  lemons and limes for the perfect pop of color (although, mine are fake ... surprise, surprise, right?):

I also moved the pitcher filled with utensils on over from beside the stove:

And, here's what it all looks like:

And, as a side note ... once I finished my little vignette, I decided to bring out three extra glass canisters I wasn't using ... love how it all complements each other:

Until the "next" vignette starts to unfold ...

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by,

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