Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Traveling Chairs ...

Not too long ago, I scooped up these awesome chairs from World Market, knowing that they'd be perfect in our SITTING room! 

TA DAAAAAA!  Don't they look great in our DINING room?  LOL ... oops, sitting room ... please don't be too upset!

You know you've been there ... buying a piece you know would be perfect in a certain spot, only to get it/them home and place it/them somewhere else instead!  

They really are rather fun in here ... love the texture they add:

They're super comfy, especially with added pillows perched on them that match our new curtains!  

While you're in here, you can see our buffet with its simple vignette:

To tie in with the mustard yellow in the print on the sideboard, I added a yellow plate (had on hand) to two of our floating shelves:

Chunky candlesticks that used to be bronze were painted with both Old White (Annie Sloane) and Smoky Mountain (CeCe):

There, that's better!

I also pulled a couple of platters I had tucked away and placed them on the wall in the corner:

While I LOVE our new chairs in the dining room, I have a feeling they'll be traveling all over our house, including our sitting room someday!

Don't you just love your pieces that travel, too?

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