Monday, June 3, 2013

A Little Playroom Grows Up Just a Bit ...

Once upon a time, a precious little boy used to have fun in this space ... banging on his little drums ... playing at his little table ... pretending he could read his little picture books.  

And, theeen, without our approval, he started to grow up!  Sadly, it was time to let go of his "little, little" boy playroom.  *Sniff, sniff.*

As much as I wasn't ready ... it was time for a change for our then 6 year old.


AFTER!  Here's his "big, little boy" hang out room today!  

One thing I didn't want to let go of was the primary color scheme ... wanted this space to still feel "alive."

We traded his light blue sofa for a brown microfiber one and threw on a couple of pillows from Pottery Barn that used to be in our great room.

The British flag pillow is from a local fabric shop (Fabric Showcase) and adds a great punch of color.  The blue lamps are from a local furniture shop, and the side tables are from none other than Home Goods.

I then ordered this piece of art from ""  I loved it the minute I spotted it because it's a bit vintage, full of great colors, annnnd my husband is from "Joisey":

It was then on to the curtains!  I wanted something "vintagey-nautical," full of primary colors.  When I spotted the below fabric at Fabric Showcase, I knew it just might work!  I chose to do only the upper 1/4 of the panels in the patterned fabric and opted for a solid navy blue fabric below ....

Simple cording that resembles nautical rope seperates the two:

BEFORE: Bye bye cubicles that housed bins full of trains, dinosaurs and little characters (sigh):

AFTER:  We traded the open cubicles for a console that hides his electronics, along with his video games and DVDs.

Simple colorful canvases from Bed, Bath and Beyond were added to the wall on one side of the TV ...

And, fun subway art from Hobby Lobby was added to the other:

And, for those who are wondering where we store all of his toys ... let's just say the closet full of shelves and clear bins hides a LOT ... here's a peek at one side of it.

ONE day, we'll add "regular" accent chairs in here.  For now, these "Big Joe" bean bag chairs fit the bill.  They're pretty comfy ... 

AND great for kids to jump into ... see?!  My airborne "Ninja Turtle" landed safely in the chair!  LOL

Here's hoping he enjoys his playroom like this for a few years ... NOT ready for "tween" room decorating anytime soon!

Thanks a bunch for stopping by!

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