Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Our Fall Front Porch

Don't you just love when you open a seasonal bin full of Fall "stuff," only to find a forgotten bag from "Michael's" containing garland that you scooped up after the season last year for 75% off?!  I sure do!

Thanks to that forgotten purchase, our front entry got a colorful Fall addition this year!  Of course, I couldn't stop there ...

I had to add in our pumpkin topiaries (that take less than 10 minutes to make) ... they've become part of our Fall family, as I keep bringing them back year after year.  

It wouldn't be Fall with a few mums and scattered pumpkins now would it?  And, since this wobbly $8 ladderback chair would undoubtedly collapse if I tried to sit on it, I decided to bring it out here to be part of this simple Fall vignette:

Soon, little trick-or-treaters will be ringing the doorbell (hope they don't attempt to sit on the wobbly chair ... the trick will be on them ... oops)!

And, while I love real pumpkins, I'm liking our faux ones, since they'll last all season (annnd, can't get squished in the road if a Halloween prankster decides to try and be funny)! 

Of course, I had to add one of my crazy mesh wreaths for the season ...

which, for a few weeks, has been replaced with a Halloween wreath I made ... gotta have mesh ... and LOTS of it!

Love the garland lit up in the evening!

Oh, and my apologies to our corn stalks ... I had every intention of adding Fall bows to them, BUT, when I went to do so, two large lizards (which, to me, translates to huge dinosaurs) jumped out of one of them, thus, preventing me from wanting to get too close to them ever again (ha).  Maybe next year! 

Thanks so much for visiting our Fall front porch!  

And, thanks to the gals who invited me to be part of a fun "Fall Porch" tour, where 24 other bloggers and I  are sharing our seasonal entries!

Be sure and visit the other gals ... you're sure to be inspired!!

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