Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Decorating Dream Come True ...

As a crazy girl, with a true passion for decorating, admittedly, my dream has always been to have our home featured in a national publication.

So, imagine my shock when, last Fall, the very kind and amazingly talented Anne Gridley, from Gridley + Graves Photographers, contacted me and asked if she and her husband, Gary, could come to our home to take pictures for ... wait for it ... a national publication!

I was thrilled ... to say the least!  After the holidays and nasty Winter weather, this past Thursday, they trekked down to SC from PA and knocked on our door.

They brought their fancy equipment ...

lots of "fresh" props ...

and, took lots and LOTS of pictures!

It was awesome to watch them style the shots and analyze, right then and there on their computer, what needed to be adjusted for the next frame!

They also brought lots of great stories, which I loved hearing!  They couldn't have been nicer or more professional.

And, while I'm not sure when or which publication our home will be a featured, I'm honored and excited just to have had the experience of having Anne and Gary in our home! 

So, keep up your blogging because, you never know, they may be knocking on your door next!

As always, thanks for stopping by,
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