Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Our 2015 Fall Front Porch

Hi, friends!  

I'm not used to greeting you out here, BUT, because Halloween is this weekend, I wanted to show your our little front porch dressed up for the trick-or-treaters.

Let's start on over here, where I put together our fall pumpkin topiary.  I've done these for quite a few years, but since, sadly, my other matching urn broke,  I only got to make one.  Off in the distance, you might see little window box I ordered from Ebay ... we're going to paint it the same color as the shutters on the 2nd floor ... until then, I added a simple bunch of leaves to dress up our window a little bit.

These *nuisance* crows are picking and pecking away at our leafy garland and windows!

And, I couldn't help but to make my signature "BOO" wreath again this year ... hoping that the magnetic hook that is holding it up doesn't come crashing down!

Our little witch is ready to cast her spells, so watch out!

Don't worry ... as you can see, she's a "good" happy witch!

Maybe she can cast a spell and make these large, scary spiders go away!  

They've taken over our house ... and the yard!

Honestly, I love having fun with the creepy crawlers this time of year ... hope our little guests approve!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I love it all (well except for the spiders!) your wreath is fabulous...my poor front door is bare as i haven't found a wreath i like yet....may stay that way until i put out my Christmas wreath.

  2. Soooo cute, Becca! I bet your son loves this!! Happy Halloween! xo

  3. Oh Becca, it is all perfect! We don't decorate for Halloween anymore since we get no trick or treaters BUT now that we have Colleen we get to go to their house and take her out! I can't wait!!! The spiders and your cute witch are great! Where did you get them both? You have inspired me to get some things to help my daughter with her front porch!!! Thanks!!!!

  4. So Pretty! Makes me regret getting rid of my spiders I had just like that! Boo to me! I love all your decor. You inspired me to decorate my reading room, I did that on Saturday (kinda late) But it came out great. I will post pics soon. In the meantime, go check out my Halloween Tablescape. Thanks Becca!

  5. The most beautiful combination of Fall and Halloween!....you are the best!....Happy Fall.....Happy Halloween!

  6. I love it! Everything is so beautiful. Lovely ideas. I can't wait until I get to decorate my porch. Next year for sure! :)


  7. Love everything !! My porch is your size and always thought it was too small to do anything with. Thank you for showing me small is ok too !! I love everything you do and follow you....Happy Halloween !!

  8. Becca, your porch is so cute! I love your good witch; she's adorable! I need the sign to hang on my door! :) I love spooky, but not gory Halloween decorations! You totally rocked this Halloween porch!

  9. Oh what fun! The trick or treaters are going to love coming to your house! Those spiders are too cute!

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