Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More Splashes of IKEA ...

Just thought I'd share another one of my IKEA finds!  As I've mentioned before, they have such great textiles at incredibly reasonable prices.  When I spied these stainless plant pots, I knew I had to have one ... okay, maybe three(!):

And, of course, I had to have something to put in them ... that's when three of these little cuties jumped on in my cart, too:

I added them to the bookcase in our sitting room. Here they are ... all lined up like little soldiers:

Enjoying the element it adds:

Annnnd, in other news, a large box finally arrived today ... let me just say that my jaw started hurting the minute I opened it, as I've clearly bitten off more than I can chew !!  I hope I get to show it to you within the next YEAR  ... O.M.G. !!

Have a great day,


  1. Love it Becca!! It adds the perfect touch to the bookcase.

    I bet I know what you got. GIRL, tell the truth, did you get your chandelier with BLING? A chandelier that you have to piece together? Ok, I am dying to know.

    Thanks for sharing! I need to find an IKEA around here. XO ~Liz

  2. Pretty, Becca.
    I agree with, Liz. It must be a pretty blingy chandelier!

    Looking forward to seeing what you got. ;o)

  3. Love those pails and greenery! Look so good on your bookcase!
    It has to be a new chandy, I know my jaw would have dropped too!

  4. Love Ikea!!!
    Thge closest one to me is three hours away so I don't do often as I would like!
    Have a pretty day!

  5. Love those pails, Becca! My daughter and I are going to Ikea tomorrow. I can't wait :)

  6. Love the line of pots on that shelf. What have you bought?? Can't wait a year so get to work.

  7. I wish we had an IKEA near by, but we do get to visit our son in Atlanta from time to time so ocassionally I get to go there.
    Love it!

  8. Those three little floral pots make a big impression! Love IKEA! And I LOVE surprises!!


  9. Oh how I wish I had an IKEA close by. Lovin those little pots and they look great on your bookcase! Now I'm thikin that's a new chandy but I am much to inpatient to wait a whole year to see, so get a movin girl!! Martina

  10. Love the bookcase,Becca-Those plants are perfect on it...and I think I spy a chandelier in the making! Once you get started it will go faster than you think- xo Diana

  11. Love your pails becca!! They look perfect on your bookcase.I can't wait to see your chandelier.


  12. Cute cute cute...I love how they look in the bookcase.

  13. I love it! Every time I see pictures of your house I feel so inspired!

  14. Those look great Becca!! All right...that HAS to be something new and blingified for your dining room! Are we right? Don't leave us "hanging"...haha...get it? I'm a dork, I know! :-)

  15. So cute and they look perfect on the bookcase.

    I'm thinking you have a chandelier on your hands?

  16. Love your pots. There is no IKEA near where I live and how I wish there was. I did get to visit one while in Dallas a couple of weeks ago and LOVED it!

  17. That is so funny they jumped in my cart too....


  18. Love those pots!! Where is the Ikea near you???? I could so make a trip that close! I love me some Ikea!!! Did you get your blingy chandelier???? I hope so!!! If you need help, call me!

  19. Oh I love those little pots, they would look great with my new burlap table runner ;-) might have to make a trip to Ikea soon!
    What's in the box? looks like a chandelier, goodness I've just ordered one but never thought I might actually have to put it together? I hope mine comes already assembled!

  20. HA! I just did an IKEA run myself! The cart was dragging me around that place at record speed!
    Thanks for popping by my place!
    Kerry at housetalkn.blogspot.com

  21. Can't wait to see that chandy once it's done! They only take about two hours to put together! Good Luck!

    ~mikey @ shabby french cottage

  22. Love them!! I so need to go to Ikea. I have never been before and I know I'm missing out. Can't wait to see your chandelier!!

  23. Wonderful IKEA finds Becca. Wish we had a store nearby!

  24. Love the sparkle that your new Ikea finds add to the room! You got a new bling bling chandy... didn't you? I bet it's spectacular. Isn't it? Please don't keep up in the dark (bad pun) too long on your new treasure!

  25. Gotta be a huge chandelier with lots of bling! Can't wait to see ~


  26. Hi Becca! Oh, I believe more is more! I love those little pails and your flowers. They look great on your gorgeous shelves!
    Now, what do you have in that box! Are those crystals?
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  27. Chandelier?? Where did you get your slip cover for your wing back chair??? Love your Ikea Splashes!

  28. I totally agree, there are so many
    textiles one would love to buy at the big store.
    Good prices and good quality too.

    Regards from Sweden


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