Monday, July 25, 2016

Our Coastal Sitting Room ...

Hi friends!

It escapes me how fast this Summer is going by!  I feel like pumpkins will be replacing our seashells before we know it!

So before that happens, I wanted to share our little "coastal" sitting room, which is the first room you see when you walk through the front door.

I've changed this room around more than I care to admit ... just last week a love seat was parked in front of the windows.  Now, it's been replaced by an accent piece that was in our sunroom, along with two Ektorp chairs that used to be in our sunroom, too.

We had this 4 chair configuration in here for awhile, and I really liked it, soooo I shouldn't be surprised it has made a return appearance!

I left the vintage secretary in its spot and surrounded it with cute shore bird prints from Home Goods.

Our little faux fireplace in its coastal *attire* is making me yearn for the beach!

I'm more than ready to stick my toes in the sand ...

and take the traditional walks on the beach to gather pretty seashells.

"One" of these days, I'd love to put a chunky buffet here with a wall gallery above ... for now, our vintage secretary seems to fill the space.  

Whenever I look at our ship, I always think of the song "Sailing" by Christopher Cross ... nothing like the calming ocean.

Summer, please don't go by too fast! Although, with this crazy heat, is it wrong to admit that I'm "just" about ready for Fall?

Thanks so much for stopping by ... have a great week!

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Gee Singh Newbanks said... Reply To This Comment

Looking at your beautiful room it is hard to imagine it being HOT outdoors . But I can so relate.... this has been a very hot summer for us as well. It helps to make the indoors look cool and inviting, doesn't it? We just completed lightening up our kitchen.
Your sitting room is so beautiful, and yes, it makes me want to put my toes in the sand!!!
Hugs, Gee

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said... Reply To This Comment

Becca, this room is so pretty! I love all of your coastal accents. You have created such a beautiful respite from the heat. Your room just feels so summery and breezy!

Kathy Moreland said... Reply To This Comment

Looks lovely, Becca!!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said... Reply To This Comment

Oh how soothing and spa like that gorgeous room of yours is!...I love the way you are always changing up the room. You always keep things so very interesting and creative....yes, the summer is going by way too fast, but like you, I would love to feel the cooler temps of the Fall...very hot here too!...and Becca, that song is in my head now...!!!

Betty from My Irish Cottage Home said... Reply To This Comment

I love your room. I could sit in that room all day and not move. It looks so peaceful and cool. We are having a very high heat wave here the last two weeks.

Lynn @The Vintage Nest said... Reply To This Comment

classy, stylish and with just the right amount of beachiness....LOVE IT!

Lady Pamela said... Reply To This Comment

Such a beautiful room. Thank you so very much for sharing

pookie said... Reply To This Comment

Love this room. Could you tell me where you bought your drapes from? Thanks

AMC said... Reply To This Comment

I just found your blog and your sitting room is perfection. I just purchased a home in FL and it's the perfect inspiration. Would you mind sharing the paint color of the walls? Thanks in advance

Becca said... Reply To This Comment

Thank you Pookie and AMC !!

Pookie, the fabric is from IKEA (their Berta Rupta line) and AMC, the wall color is Ben Moore's Manchester Tan.

MichaelMcCollins said... Reply To This Comment

Coastal design looks really beautiful, but I would choose coastal design only if I lived near beach. I just love when white color dominates, it makes a lot of light and reminds of summer days spent on the beach. Writer at college paper writing service, Michael.

littlekat said... Reply To This Comment

I have that same secretary! Similar chairs, as well. I love the coastal flair and am leaning strongly that way since purchasing a waterfront home. Easy to overdo, but you have captured it perfectly!

Createwithme said... Reply To This Comment

So pretty! Where did you purchase the sailboat on the mantle? If you purchased it online would you kindly provide the link? Thank you!

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

I love, love this room....A Canadian girl living on the Mira River in the country and loving the relaxed, beachy decor. Having a beach stone operating wood fireplace, it is necessary to have darker toned pieces of furniture. Leaning towards getting white couch covers and white washed coffee table. Any suggestions would be appreciated in dealing with choco brown couch and chair and the airy, beach country decor that I love so much.

Noman Ali said... Reply To This Comment

Pookie, the fabric is from portable high chairs (their Berta Rupta line) and AMC, the wall color is Ben Moore's Manchester Tan.

Chris Whalen said... Reply To This Comment

This is gorgeous! Did you paint your mirror, lamp the same color? If so, would you mind sharing the paint color? I have a large mirror that needs a fresh coat! Thank you so much!