Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Come on Down to the Basement ...

Greetings, friends!

Can you believe it's already August?  Summer is going by way too fast!

Speaking of going by "way too fast," I can't believe we've already been in our house two years!  We still have a lot of projects on our "to do" list, especially in our basement, which I haven't shared before.  So, come on down .... 

When you get to the base of the stairs, you can either turn left through a door into a nice sized storage room (which is too messy to share right now!) OR you can turn right into our rec room, which is where you can usually find my hubby on the weekends, watching sports (when it's too hot to be in his garage "man cave") or kids having pillow fights.

While we plan on having a comfy sectional down here, for now, we have an Ektorp chair to plop down into, along with the sofa and love seat that were in the great room in our last home.

To fill up this wall, we brought down the bookcase that used to be upstairs in our sitting room (before we added the faux fireplace up there).  I then lined the back of it with a navy blue/white fabric from IKEA to make it a bit more "handsome" (since this is where the fellas usually spend time).

As much as kids (and flying footballs) are down here, I'm surprised (and thankful!) that these glass shelves and breakables are still in tact!  

Across from the sofa and love seat is a console table from IKEA, which only had about 20 million pieces to put together!  Their selection and reasonable prices make the assembly requirements worth it (thank goodness)!

The lamps, gray/white rug and coastal prints are from there, as well ... can you tell I LOVE that place?!

This whimsical nautical print above the sofa was in our son's playroom in our last house ... it gives a nice bit of color to the wall, which is painted Ben Moore's White Dove.  The pillow covers (except for the "HOME" pillow) are all from IKEA, too!

Thankfully, the oversized clock "just" fit in between the two doors ... visually, I wanted a large piece on that wall to balance with the big bookcase across the room from it. 

Behind the door to the left of the clock is a full bath where I continued the nautical theme.  One day I'd like to replace the lighting and frame the mirror ....

Behind the door to the right of the clock is our kiddo's playroom, which we hope to have finished soon.  For now, he doesn't seem to mind the *lovely* white insulated walls and exposed ceiling ... that's probably because he's too focused on the toys or billions of Legos that are normally all over the floor or the video games that take over his TV!  Painting his console and replacing the wing chair with a pair of more suitable, matching comfy kiddo chairs is on my list, too!

Once sheetrock is added, I'd love to add a Murphy bed in here (in between the bookcases) OR we might add more (lower) bookcases OR a bench in between the two taller bookcases ... decisions, decisions!

Jax loves having this space all to himself (and his buddies), especially since he can make a huge mess ... and have a place to create and then "showcase" it all.

In this corner, clear plastic bins house toys and lots of Legos ... board games and costumes live over here, too.  *One* day, this corner will be a closet, hiding it all away!

Thanks for coming on down ... maybe one day I'll show you my messy accessories room behind the door to the left of the faux bamboo tree, along with the other storage room where our Fall and Christmas decorations are waiting to come out and play!

Thanks for stopping by,

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  1. Hello Stranger, it's been a while since I've stopped. So sorry, life got in my way. Illness and other issues back now. I have to say, you may drag me down to your basement anytime. Lovely! Ours is a old 1929 basement,yuck. I love what you e done. ❤️

  2. What an awesome space, Becca!

  3. Becca, how did you line the hutch with fabric? 3M Velcro? I have a dark bookcase and I really need to "lighten" up the space. Would love any tips that you could share! Beautiful space as always!!!

  4. Becca, what a beautiful basement...I wouldn't even call it a basement! You are so lucky to have so much natural light. We have none. I love the way you decorated around the TV. Such an inviting space!

  5. Love your basement. What a great space and the fun boys room is perfect.

  6. What a most wonderful basement...so cozy and so many places to entertain and have fun!....I so remember the days of the flying footballs!....It is all so wonderful Becca!

  7. Wow, your home is huge! I love your downstairs decor. Boy do I remember those flying footballs and is why my playrooms always looked so thrown together. LOL! Have to tell you hubby and I were in Target Monday and a young boy (middle schooler) went whizzing by cat walking a grocery cart. You know when they bob it up and down on the back wheels and then jump on it and ride. Hubby looked at me and said, bring back bad memories? Sure does, and so does your flying football comment but it's all good memories and so laughable now. Enjoy them, that time goes by so fast!

  8. Love what you've done to the basement. I think I'll call it the "bonus rooms"! Your whole house is amazing, Becca and quite large! I miss my basement and storage room in Ohio. No basements in Florida! Your lucky your storage room is in your house for decorating. I have to get in my car and drive to the storage locker which we have to pay for every month. Don't be ashamed of your storage room, I bet I top yours:)!!!

  9. I would not have known that was a basement. It has so much light and your decorating made it even more brighter. It is a very cheerful room and cozy.

  10. I love your basement! We live in an 80's home and it has a support wall right down the center which I detest. All the rooms are odd sizes because of it and there is a lot of wasted space. Seeing yours has inspired me to get down there and see what I can do with the place. It's not bad but a little sprucing can never hurt :-) Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. What color are your basement walls?

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