Friday, January 20, 2017

A Bit of a Winter Look ...

Happy Friday, friends!

Welp, it's been a month since I last blogged ... eek!  Every year, I promise myself I'm going to do better ... and, every year, I don't!  LOL

Anyway, before I start to transition our home to welcome Spring, I wanted to share a few snaps from our Winter decor.

In our great room, the mantel it ready to welcome snow! I gave our vintage wooden sled a little makeover by treating it to a nice coat of white paint so that it would "tie in" better! (The things we do in the name of decorating, right?)  Hopefully, we'll be treated to lots of snowflakes soon!

I don't know about you, but I LOVE pillows ... lots and LOTS of pillows, especially in the Winter when we're trying to make our homes nice and cozy!  Who cares if there isn't any room to sit down, right?!  ;)

In this house, we have no problem just tossing them off of the furniture to make room for lots of lounging!  Speaking of that, this is a favorite place of mine in this room ... by the fire, with a cup o' something warm and curled up with a good decorating book!

In our sunroom, I went for a true Winter white look!  I know that many folks aren't into this color palette (or lack thereof) since it can be considered a bit stark, but since this room gets so much sunlight, the more white, the better!  Our paper stars from IKEA are still in the window ... wish I could just keep them up all year!

In our neighboring kitchen, I kept these *Wintery,* glittery branches out for a bit and paired them with a simple apothecary jar, filled with wine corks from bottles I never enjoyed!  (Admittedly, I'm more of a beer gal, but I just don't think that beer bottle tops would look "quite" as pretty!)

Over in our foyer, faux shed antlers came on over to hang out with more *Wintery* branches.  They'll soon be replaced with welcoming pineapples.  With snow not in the forecast, I'm ready for Spring!

And, lastly, in our dining room, I've kept it a bit neutral ... added more slipcovered chairs from IKEA, along with their wicker chairs, which I placed below our shelves.  Not exactly a Winter look, buuuut ....

I hope your homes are Winter cozy, depending where your live.  Although, I'm jealous of those of you who live in warmer climates right about now!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Beautiful as always Becca.
    I too am ready to scrap the Winter look for Spring. We have been enjoying the most beautiful Springtime weather here in North Central Florida and I am totally luving it.
    I luv your all white sunroom. ☺ perfect for relaxing and escaping .
    Happy weekend my friend.

  2. I was a slack blogger and still am at times. Its ok. haha.
    I am obsessing in all the WHITE you have here. Beautiful. Im ready for spring myself. I plan to do some cleanin out next week.
    Love your blog. Keep the post coming.

  3. Hi Becca.

    I too had a winter scene but quickly took it down. With the temps going from cold to hot like a summer day I just could not keep it up. LOL I want snow!!!! Here in N. Texas we got a few flurries not long ago. Can you please tell me where you found your jar with the lights in it? Love all your decor!!!

  4. Love your beautiful Winter decor and you always find the greatest pillows Becca! Had to laugh about the beer bottle caps...but they actually can look pretty in a jar...or not!....Always enjoy your beautiful seasonal is always so fresh and filled with beautiful vignettes!

  5. Love your all white decor - it "brightens" my day! Thank for sharing your beautiful home and ideas!

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  7. I love the mantle in the first picture. I've always thought I should hang one big picture centered above my mantle, however, the star picture and the shutter look perfect together, and I'm going to try something similar. Your decorating skills are amazing, the way that you blend textures together and use complementary patterns brings it all together nicely.

    Essie Reed @ Valley Home Improvement


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