Thursday, January 21, 2021

Winter Decor 2021

Happy New Year, friends!

I'm blowing the dust off of my blog and trying to revive it a bit! Admittedly, Facebook and Instagram are a bit easier to interact with, so my engagement has been over on those platforms.  However, I've missed my little blog, so ....

"Welcome" back to our home, where Winter decor is hanging on a bit longer, like here in our foyer.

After having lots of vibrant red fill our home over the holidays, I really like to "reset" our spaces and have more of a calm palette.  (I shared our full Christmas home video tour on my Facebook page, if you'd like to take a peek.  My Facebook link can be found in the upper right hand corner of this page ... just select the Facebook symbol).  

Over on this side of our foyer, the neutral look continues!  

Don't you just love these cute birch trees?  I thought they'd be a nice way to bring the Winter outdoors in (even if they're faux)!  They're really pretty lit up at night, too.

In our neighboring little sitting room, it's light and bright ...

Of course, I had to add one too many pillows for lots of seasonal, cozy comfort.  Annnnd the large woven basket adds a little bit of texture, too.  

In our sunroom, Winter white continues.  On a whim, the other week, I brought these two chairs and pedestal table in, which had been in our kitchen.  In fact, this view had been our breakfast area for most of last year!  Don't you just love when the "itch to switch" sets in?  

Over the Summer, I painted our windows black ... we're really enjoying the contrast they add with the white walls!  I saved a tutorial to my highlight reel on my Instagram page, in case you're interested in seeing the process.

I'll be back next week, sharing more of our Winter decor! 

Have a great day,



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