Friday, March 26, 2021

Our Kitchen Spring Decor ...

Friday and a new weekend greets us!  Do you have fun plans?

While I was decorating our kitchen for Spring, I got the urge to pick up my paint brush and add a little color!  Soooo, here is our refreshed island, hopefully enjoying its new shade of Pewter Green.

Green has always been one of my "go to" paint colors; however, I usually lean towards brighter "avacado/fresh herby" greens.  I haven't tried this darker color before, and, I must say, I'm so happy that I took a chance on it.  We love it!  

While green, it has a bit of a sophisticated gray undertone.  And, after staring at it for a couple of days, I then decided to change the hardware (which used to be clear, acrylic knobs).  I picked up these gold pulls and knobs from Lowe's ... really like the contrast!

They now tie in with the knobs and pulls on our perimeter white cabinets and drawers, which I spray painted gold last week (they used to be black).  Isn't it fun how a few sweeps of spray paint can give your hardware a brand new look?

Back on the island, I styled this simple vignette to welcome the new season ... bunnies are a fun and easy decorating staple this time of year, wouldn't ya' say?

Do you see what else got a fresh coat of gold spray paint?  Yep, our lights, did, too!  I got a little trigger happy, what can I say.

I also brought in green/white towels to add visual softness and color to this wall, as well.

A refurbished landscape canvas (cut down to fit in this frame) also adds a bit of color above the cooktop.  I also like how the darker greens in the print tie in with the newly painted island!

Over on this side of the kitchen, little bunny plates help to add a bit of seasonal whimsy, as do these blush and white striped bowls that I found on clearance at At Home!

Not surprisingly, the malted eggs in our glass canister are slowly disappearing.  Do you think I should hot glue the lid shut, lol?

At our kitchen table, I brought in the settee that used to be in our foyer for a bit of unexpected seating.  I then added a cute (yet wrinkled, oops) French bunny runner and faux greenery scattered with Easter eggs to finish off the Spring look.

Lastly, our little bunny pitchers made their way to the wall rack ... such a great piece to decorate for any season!

I hope you'll pop back on over to my Facebook page and let me know what you think of our Spring kitchen!

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Have a great weekend,

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